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An item I want is out of stock, what are my options?Updated a year ago

Did you find something you love in our shop only to discover it's not in stock? So sorry to disappoint! We always do our best to make all our products available, but most of our items are handmade in small batches, so it's sometimes difficult to keep up. To boot, all our leather items are handcrafted by our wonderful artisan team in Ukraine, which poses a wealth of challenges for us in keeping our shelves stocked due to the difficult situation ongoing in the region. 

Here's what you can do:

1. Sign up to get an automatic e-mail notification when the item you're after is back in our shop. To do this, visit that item's product page, select the size/colour you're after and click Notify When Back in Stock button that should appear within a few seconds. Here is the link to the Needle Binder product page that will have this button visible.

2. Subscribe to our newsletter. We notify our subscribers of updates about out of stock items that are in high demand.

3. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram. We also frequently share production progress reports on our social media.

4. Place your partial order and put a note to hold it until you can add the missing items, if you're worried about those becoming unavailable by the time we get the other items back in stock. You can do this by adding a note in your shopping cart page and we can hold your order from shipping until you give us the go-ahead. You can then place a separate order once all the items you're after are in stock and e-mail us with your order number(s). We can refund any additional shipping costs and bundle your shipments into one.

While we do sometimes take pre-orders, we have limited this option because we have had challenges with past pre-orders shipping late. When we can't guarantee a ship date, we don't want you to be left hanging indefinitely. We would really rather not take your money until we are 100% certain we can get your items to you within a promised time window. You will know whether you can pre-order an item if instead of 'sold out' a 'preorder' button is visible for that item, displaying the pre-order ship date. If it just shows 'sold out', it means that we don't offer the option to pre-order it at this time. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

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