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How can I make my order a gift?Updated a year ago

If your order is a gift, you can add a note on the cart page in the Special Instructions section. Your recipient will get a ‘Just for You’ T&M card along with the gift items.

For $6.50 CAD, you can opt to beautifully gift wrap some or all of the items in your order by selecting the gift wrap option on the cart page. You can also add a personalized message which we will write for your recipient either on the ‘Just for You’ card or eco greeting card if you purchased one in the order.

Simply enter your recipient’s shipping address at checkout to have the items delivered directly to them. Please note that we can’t ship items in the same order to multiple addresses, so please create another order if you’re buying for yourself and someone else.

We don’t ship printed receipts with our packages, so your recipient won’t see product prices when they receive the items.

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