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How do I get a T&M gift card?Updated 4 months ago

Surprise someone you care about with a digital gift card they can use on anything in our shop, any time. Gift cards are delivered by e-mail and easily redeemed at checkout, similar to a discount code.

Kindly note that gift card values and balances are always in Canadian dollars. You may purchase one at the current exchange rate in your local currency, which is why the gift card denomination amount is different from the purchase price, if you're shopping from the US or internationally. Your recipient will see the value in Canadian dollars and the gift card itself notes that the amount is in CAD.

You will receive two emails immediately after placing your order:

  1. Order confirmation for your records
  2. Electronic gift card. You can forward this email to your gift recipient, or click the "View gift card" button and another window will open containing the card, which can be printed out and given to your recipient if desired.  

Note for Gmail users: if you do not receive either of the above emails immediately after placing your order, it's likely that Gmail automatically categorized the email as "promotional" and put it in the corresponding folder in your inbox.    

Our gift cards have no additional processing fees and do not expire.

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