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Tracking shows delivered but I didn't receive my orderUpdated a year ago

If your tracking link shows that your parcel was delivered, but you haven't received it, don't panic! :)

We find that sometimes the carrier marks a parcel delivered up to a day in advance of physical delivery. It doesn't make much sense, but it's happened! Canada Post seem to be particularly prone to this practice. So first, we would recommend to give it 24hrs from the time the carrier claims it was delivered.

The second most common occurrence is that your package was left somewhere on your property or with a neighbour. Please try looking thoroughly around your garage/porch/back door/etc and inquire with your next door neighbour to see if it was left at their house by mistake.

Failing that, please give the shipping carrier a call with your tracking number ready:

Canada Post



Outside of Canada:



US & Canada




*Tip: UPS phone robots are REALLY frustrating and often won't let you speak with a real person. If this happens, try garbling your words when talking to the robot several times, until it reaches its limit of retries in understanding you and transfers you to a representative :D

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