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Warranty InfoUpdated 10 months ago

Thread & Maple Warranty

All Thread and Maple products are backed by our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Our goal is for you to love our products and make you a Thread and Maple customer for life. We guarantee all of our products against craftsmanship and material defects within 1 year of the purchase date.

Final Sale items, included seconds items are not covered by our warranty program. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear such as marks, scratches, water damage, or softening of leather.

Our warranty does cover faulty hardware, such as broken snaps & zips. However, in cases of zips that may get finicky or difficult to open due to residue/fiber build-up we request that you try a zip cleaning & conditioning treatment (i.e. pencil lead, glass cleaner, or petroleum jelly), as this is due to the nature of a zipper mechanism and the use of our items alongside natural fibers, not a defect of the hardware.

Please note that we prioritize repair and restoration as a means to reduce environmental waste.

We may offer you a how-to video guide to mend the item first in cases of a straightforward fix, such as a zip coming off its rails. If you're unsuccessful or not comfortable to give it a try, we will offer to cover repair costs at your local shoe/leather repair shop. Alternatively, you can send it back to us and we will either repair the item, or send you a replacement. We take responsibility for return shipping fees in this case.

Photos of the item and proof of original purchase are required. (Order number or email address associated with the order).

All warranty requests should be directed to [email protected].

If you purchased one of our items at a retailer, it is still covered by our warranty and you can deal with us directly. If something goes wrong with your item after our 1-year warranty period, please do reach out to us regardless. We may be able to advise you on a fix or at the very least, we would like to be informed of all issues in case it can be prevented from happening in the future. Our accessories are lovingly handcrafted by artisans who take pride in their work. We are always striving to improve and appreciate your feedback.

Helpful tip: If you purchased leather accessories from us, to keep your leather in great condition, we strongly recommend using a leather salve and conditioner. We have curated a selection of products that we tested specifically on our products as part of our Leather Care Kit.

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