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When will an item I want be back in stock?Updated a year ago

If we have a good idea of when an out of stock item will be back on our shelves, we will note the ETA on that item's product page just above the 'out of stock' button. If there is no date visible, that means we don't have an estimate at this time. Particularly for leather items, this is difficult to predict as our leather creations are handcrafted in Ukraine and we face an array of challenges to keep our supply chain moving. 

Sign up to get an automatic e-mail notification the minute the item you're after is back in our shop. To do this, visit that item's product page, select the size/colour you're after and click Notify When Back in Stock button that should appear within a few seconds. Here is the link to the Needle Binder product page that will have this button visible.

We appreciate your patience and support!

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