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How to choose the right size of Needle BinderUpdated a year ago

The binder comes in 2 sizes: regular to fit up to 4 pages and jumbo up to 7. Both sizes are the same in physical length/width, the only difference is a thicker spine and longer closure strap, allowing it to expand to be thicker.

Closed measurements: 27cm x 20cm x 6cm thick full regular/9cm thick full jumbo [10 1/2" x 8" x 2 1/2-3"]

When choosing your binder size, review your knitting needle sets and count how many you have. Don't forget to include DPN's and fixed circulars. The binder shell itself has space for 4-6 fixed circular needles, 8 DPN sets or 4 DPN + several crochet hooks, as long as they don't have very bulky shafts that might stretch out the leather too much. At the back, there is a large zip pocket for additional tools/cables.

If you only have tools to fit up to 2-3 pages right now and you don't foresee yourself amassing a large collection of needles, we recommend to stick with the regular size. The jumbo will be awkward/floppy with 4 pages or less.

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