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What comes with the Needle Binder?Updated a year ago

Please note that the binder does not come with any pages by default, as no two binders are the same, we ask that you select the pages you need to fit your unique needles collection. 

Click here to see all available pages

The binder casing/shell comes ready with 2 leather rings that can be unclasped at the back to add/remove pages. It comes with a wool felt pad for buffing out any scratches in the leather to keep your binder looking fabulous. It comes packaged in a large T&M drawstring cotton pouch with an instructional card and shipped in a cardboard box.

If you would like to label pockets of your binder with needle sizes, we offer matching leather needle size marker clips here. All interchangeable needles pages have the needle sizes embossed in the leather beside each elastic needle loop.

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